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Kitchen Remodel


We do kitchen remodels to your unique taste. Our focus is on balancing aesthetics and functionality to create a kitchen that is the focal point of your home.

Home Furniture

We design and create quality and unique home furniture. Our goal is to transform your space into a inviting and luxurious home.

Office Furniture

Our office furniture range is ideal for work and home offices. Our designs are light and modern without compromising whilst also retaining the classic functionality from the past.

Furniture Restoration

We do furniture restorations to bring back the lost glory on those old family pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. We fuse modern techniques with the old ones to get your  vintage piece to look "new" again.

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Coffee Table

Candy Cart



Coffee Table

Outdoor Bench and table with storage

Outdoor Bench and table with storage

Leah TV Unit

firewood Rack

Dining Bench

Dining Set


Leaning Shelf

Kayla Chest of Drawers

Lamp on a log


Wine Bottle Holder

Friendship bench

World Map on wood


Furniture Restorations

Leah Coffee Table



Custom Wooden Clocks

About Us

Company Background

The business was established to provide access to beautiful, handmade items. What began as building something out of necessity, grew into a full-time company specializing in custom handcrafted goods. It was a simple bookcase that started the journey for us. I wanted to create a unique conversation piece for our home. The process of making the bookcase awakened a love for woodwork that I have always had but never followed up on.

Artistry isn’t just the execution and production of new Bespokraft pieces, it’s also making sure each piece will look beautiful wherever it’ll be displayed. At Bespokraft, we strive to create furniture that compliments its surroundings while adding a new dimension.
The name Bespokraft is derived from the words Bespoke which means “made for a particular customer or user” and Craft which means “an activity involving skill in making things by hand”. The word encompasses what we stand for i.e. skillfully making unique furniture by hand. We take the woodworking and carpentry as an artform in its own right. Our work combines classic techniques mixed with modern methods to create stunning, beautiful pieces. Whether you need simple repairs or a new custom piece, you can count on me to complete your order promptly and at a competitive price. Order your expertly built, custom handcrafted goods today.
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